Monday, May 13, 2013

Thyroid Friends!

Hey Thyroid friends!!

I'm starting up LID again today. Mom and I are brainstorming some recipe ideas. We have the cookbook and things off of thyca. But I was wondering if there were any recipes you guys have tried that I could eat over the next few weeks?! Thanks!!


Thursday, May 9, 2013


Hey, guys.

So, a lot can change in a few days. In some ways, that is refreshing. In others, it's kind of scary, you know? A couple of days ago, I was in a really tough place when I posted. Today, I'm doing a lot better. And I have you guys to thank. There are a lot of wonderful people in my life who showed love to me in ways that were completely a God thing for me. I needed that love more than any of you will be able to know, and I'm more grateful than I can say.

I'm doing better.

There are still really tough days, like the other day, but on the whole I'm doing a lot better. Overall, I'm really happy with my life!

But I am also a little bit sad.

Tomorrow, I move out of my dorm room and back home, officially ending my freshman year of college. I honestly can't believe it. It has flown by so fast! I feel like it was just yesterday that I moved into this room, nervous and excited all at the same time. Now, I look around at the blank walls and boxes of things, and I am sad. I'm going to miss this place. I know I'll be back in the fall, but it's still sad to see a year end. I have made some amazing memories, and met some phenomenal people this year. And I want to take a moment to say thank you.

Kori- You are seriously the most perfect roommate I could have asked for at the beginning of the year. It seems like ages ago that we did the whole awkward facebook meetup thing, and were scrambling to apply for housing... that we didn't even get until like 2 weeks before we had to move in. Those first few weeks were so awkward... how do you get to know someone?! And it didn't help that I was always at band. But then, all of the sudden, you became my sister. I couldn't have asked for someone who fit better with my crazy self. Haha... sorry you had to put up with that. We've had so many amazing times. From pumpkin carving (and our nasty pumpkins as a result), to laughing so hard we couldn't breathe over the scooter store email, to you flipping out of your chair and dancing around the room, to all of our pizza and movie nights, to shopping days, and sweet frog dates... I could keep going, but I'll stop. You've helped me through one of the toughest seasons of my life so far. I really don't know if I would have made it if it weren't for you. Our study nights of asking stupid questions to get through Maney's class and thinking up dumb things to remember biology terms have been so wonderful. I'm beyond blessed that you're my roommate. I'll definitely be coming to see you this summer, so get ready! I love you to the moon and back.

My hallmates- Thank you so much for always making me laugh, and having a hug ready for me when I needed it most. You are such wonderful friends, I have no clue what I'd do without you. How am I going to get through not having you just steps away next year? It's going to be so difficult. You guys have helped me make some of the most wonderful memories I could even imagine. I love you all so much.

Claire- What can I say? You're my big sister. This year wouldn't have been even half as wonderful without you in my life. You always knew exactly what to say and when to say it. We've both been through some rough stuff this year, but look at us now. We made it! And I couldn't have done it without you. You are seriously an angel, I'm convinced. You always make me smile, and I have loved every single one of our times together... even if you did fall asleep during every movie. Hahaha. I love you all the same. Please know that I'm always here, and I cannot wait to see where next year takes us... your final year in college. So crazy! I can't even imagine being up here without you. I'm excited for more memories. I love you so, so, so much!

My Trumpet Section- How unbelievable to have a ready-made family to step into on day one of college. Filling out my intent form and marching with you was the best decision I have made to date. You guys are my family, and I can't even fathom this year without you. Fall semester was incredible. Playing space and hearing the crowd get excited, and dancing around in the stands, and traveling together... it was so amazing to have all of those times with you. For a few of you, I know you aren't marching next year, and I'm going to miss you so much. I'm really going to miss all of you, as I'm not in the section anymore. But I promise that I will come visit you! Once a trumpet, always a trumpet, right? (:

My Group Fitness Family- I can't even. Working along side you all has been the most amazing experience. I feel completely inadequate, yet you all make me feel so welcome. Those of you that went through training with me, you are some of the most wonderful, sweet, amazing people. Jordan- you are so sweet. Your smile makes my day literally every single time I see you. Katie- I've loved getting to know you this semester through group fit. You are a beautiful person, inside and out! Callie- where do I even begin?! You're the best mentor I could have asked for, in more ways than just in group fitness. You've taught me how to be a better person. I have missed you so much this last half of the semester, but I'm so glad you are loving Costa Rica! I love you so much, and you will have to come back and visit me. Lauren- you're the best boss I could even imagine having! You are so sweet and caring, and you make sure that each individual employee is taken care of! I loved getting to work for you, and I can't wait till next semester! Everyone that came to my classes- thank you. Thank you all for making my Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights amazing. I don't know what I'd do without each of you. Your smiles brightened up every single day that I was lucky enough to see them. I'm going to miss you all this summer, but I can't wait to shake it with you again next semester!

Mrs. B- You are, by far, one of the most amazing professors in the world. You taught me so much more than English... you taught me about life. You've become my 'school parent', which is such a blessing to me. I really just don't even have words for how much you mean to me. I hope that one day I can grow into half the person that you are. Thank you for being Jesus to me. I've said it before, and I'm even more certain of it now. You are my guardian angel, without a doubt. I'm going to miss being your student! Thank you for changing the world. Thank you for changing my life. You're amazing.

Misty- You are another professor who is beyond amazing. It's been so wonderful getting to know you over the past year. From orientation to group fitness training, now to geography class! I've been so lucky to have you as a teacher. I've learned so much from you! Your class was definitely one of my favorites. It's been a blast working with you as well! Thanks for always making me smile, especially on days when I didn't think I could. You are wonderful, and I can't wait to work with you again next year! Thanks for everything!

Alex- Well, what can I say? You are wonderful. I'm so lucky that I happened to have a conference at the same time as you. It hasn't been too long that we've known each other, but it feels like I've known you so much longer. You've become my one of my best friends in the entire world. You can always, always make me smile. No matter what! And you have me saying stupid things like 'sorey' on accident now. That's how I know I've spent too much time around you! Haha. Just kidding. But really, I'm excited for where else life is going to take us. It's an adventure, and I'm lucky that I'm going through it with someone as awesome as you. PS. Sorry about Avatar the last airbender going off of netflix. I'd keep it on there if I knew how! (; I love you!

This year has been beyond amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better freshman year of college. I'm blessed to have the people in my life that I do, and I can't wait to see what next year brings. Though it is sad to see this year come to a close, it has been one heck of an adventure. I'm going to miss it, but I'm ready to see what comes next. Until sophomore year, Appstate. Thanks for the memories!!


Sunday, May 5, 2013


Hey guys.

So, this is just me rattling off some thoughts. Feel free to ignore.

I'm really, really tough on myself. That's hard for me to admit, because I don't always feel like I am. Sometimes I feel like I'm not tough enough, like I need to constantly be doing more, better, always striving to be something other than what is currently in existence.

And today, I broke.

Today was hard. And that's not easy for me to be honest about.

I laid in bed a good 88% of today and just cried. My eyes are the size of golf balls right now and the color of firetrucks. I've had approximately 3 hours of sleep in 48 hours and it's not even really technically finals week yet.

But I realized today that I have got to start being nicer to myself. It's hard to be happy when someone's being mean to you all the time. I'm going to try my best to cut myself a little break as much as I can. And now, I need to make a list to attempt to get my head on straight. This is the list of random thoughts of today. Unfiltered and unedited.

1. I have the best little sister in the entire world. If there was ever an amazing best friend, it's her. She made me feel a ton better about my shitty day today. She deserves a gold medal for being awesome.

2. An amazing woman passed away this morning, and she will be so dearly missed by anyone who had the chance to get to know her, including me. Praying for her family today.

3. I hate cancer. I freaking hate it.

4. Heartbreak isn't a joke. It really hurts. Like, really really.

5. Rain can wash away everything if you let it.

6. Maybe I really am supposed to be on my own. And maybe that's okay.

7. Japanese food, sweet frog, and country music can cure anything. I promise.

8. I'm exhausted. Mentally, physically, and especially emotionally.

9. I miss my best friend.

10. Tomorrow's a new day.

11. Sometimes, you just have to move the heck on. Pick your head up, stare at something beautiful, and move on.

12. I don't care what it is you say or think, I'm worth it and I'm not a waste of time.

13. I really am a good person. I know that, God knows that, and the rest doesn't honestly matter.

14. I know I'm a lot to handle, but I'm not asking you to take it all on. Just to hold my hand.

15. Breathe.

I'll probably write more later. But I have to study for exams. Love you guys.