Thursday, January 9, 2014

January the ninth.

Today is enough.

I keep whispering this to myself over and over, as rhythmic as the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in my lungs. Today is enough. Today is enough. Today is enough.

The longer I am in this thing... this life... this mess of moments blurred together mixing joy with sorrow and courage with fear... the more I realize that every single second counts. Every one.

Breathing in, breathing out, sipping some coffee and watching the steam rise, rubbing sleep from squinting eyes, letting a sunrise be overwhelmingly beautiful, reading word after word of a book, tv shows and movies, reading this post... it counts, it counts, it counts. It matters, and it is enough.

When I realize that life is constructed of these microscopic moments, I realize how much each of them count. And the way I think begins to really change.

Each moment that you make a decision, I am proud of you.
And if the decision you made wasn't the one you needed to make, hold on tight because another moment is right around the corner and you get to construct it.

I have let it sink in that we can't always choose where we come from. We can't go back and change moments that have passed. But we get to choose where we go from here. We get to choose what we do from now until the end of eternity. And that, to me is amazing.

I like to think of life as this big, long line. There is a dot at the beginning of this line, and that dot is the very first day. But it's important to remember that the dot can occur anywhere. Because being brave enough to start over allows you to have a new first day. When I picture my life-line, I think God probably chuckles at it. There are so many dots, you probably can't even see the line at all! Because I have the power to start over. And over. And over. I have the power to say that today is the first day of the rest of my life and I am thankful, because I get to choose where I go from here.

Realizing the power that each moment holds is overwhelming. Every single second has the ability to be a dot on your line. And that's pretty cool.

But just because each moment counts, it doesn't mean that it isn't enough. That if you don't pack it to it's fullest, you are missing out. The moments spent inspecting shorelines for shells are just as vital to living as the moments forgiving a wound inflicted 20 years ago. The moments taking Sunday afternoon naps are equally as full as the moments standing on the top of a mountain.

There are many moments where we as humans have to take care of ourselves. We have to go to jobs and pay taxes and buy groceries and go to the dentist. Sometimes, these moments may go by without us noticing, or really fully acknowledging their existence. But believe me, darling, when I tell you that they are enough. They are beautiful and full and they absolutely matter. They are enough.

The decisions you can make today are enough.
The life you can live today is enough.
The moment when you choose to begin the first moment of the rest of your life is coming and oh, how beautiful it will be. It will be enough.

You are enough. The day you are living is enough. You are beautiful and wonderful and you are enough. Let the moments come. Embrace them. Start over when you need to, place the dot.

Today is enough.

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  1. This post is pure telepathy; as my mind and heart align, as I learn to see with both and allow spirit to move through me without reacting to emotions-simply noting them-the world around me breathes its secrets. Your writing is pure joy. It speaks the truth.