Thursday, March 28, 2013

My tumblr rant.

Okay. If you don't know what tumblr is, and haven't heard of it or don't have one, then ignore this post.

If you've heard the negativity toward it lately, then this post is for you.
If you have a tumblr, then you'll totally understand what I'm saying.

So here's the deal.

Apparently on some TV news lately, tumblr has been getting a bad rap due to the 'thigh gap' thing. And yeah, the thigh gap does exist on tumblr. It also exists on most other social media sites. But that's NOT AT ALL what tumblr is about.

Tumblr is this community of antisocial people just like me. It's a group that makes hilarious jokes and spends far too much time hitting a reblog button. I've been a tumblr user for a few years now. And NEVER has it made me feel anything less than better when I get on. Having a rough day? Here's some inspirational quotes. Here's someone just saying simply 'it'll be okay'. Here's someone to give you a virtual hug. Here's a whole community who will stand beside you when you walk through hard things. Wanna self harm? Well, don't. And here's a post with reasons why. And the main one is that we get it. We know how that self-hatred feels and we don't want you to feel that way. We love you. We, the tumblr community. We share ideas and art and help each other out. We have fandoms and the closest thing to parental supervision is John Green, and he doesn't really count because he's freaking John Green, so you know what? You just be yourself. Reblog what you want. Write a text post that says something that you need to say. Connect with someone halfway across the world because they love the same types of pictures and quotes and TV shows that you do. No, you're not going to meet up with them and get raped. You just have someone to vent to when your favorite fictional character dies. Need art inspiration? Well there's about a bazillion amazing artists who share their ideas here. Need to laugh? Just look at the infomercial tag and you'll be belly laughing in no time. Need to confide through someone else's words? You can do that too. You be you, and be proud of who you are. Believe in yourself because the tumblr community believes in you.

So yeah. There's my rant. Tumblr has helped me get through a lot of really, really, really deep holes. So, please, before you diss it, at least hear my side of the story.



  1. I love this SO much! It's the perfect way to describe how awesome tumblr is!

  2. I don't think any TV show said anything personal about Tumblr. It was simply a list of many social outlets that this is used on. Just like with anything else, any social oulet should still be looked at with caution and conviction.

    1. I've just heard a lot of negativity about it and apparently, a lot of people didn't know this existed before now, so it's just gotten a bad rap. I just wanted to clear it up.