Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Have you guys seen the 'coexist' bumper stickers? They look something like this:
Well today I was walking with someone and they asked me what I thought about them. It took me a minute to think about it, and until they pointed it out, I hadn't really thought much about it. When people put these on their cars, are they saying that we should all be able to live in the same world together without any issues? Or are they trying to say that all of these things are equal? If that's the case, the one that throws them off is the one on the far right. You just can't believe in all of the other ones, and in that cross at the same time. Either Jesus was who he said he was, or he was a lunatic and a liar. There's no middle ground there... no compromise. No, "he was a good teacher", or just a "prophet". If someone went around today saying that they were the son of God and that you should drop everything and follow after them, and you knew that they were lying, would you say that they were a good teacher? No, you'd say they were looney. A nut case. It was the same back then. If He was a liar, then he most definitely was not a good example, or a good prophet, or a good teacher. He was crazy. But what if he was telling the truth? Then yes, He was the best of teachers, an example we should all live by, and the most amazing human to ever live. This is what I believe. Why else would people go around risking their lives every single day... some of them even dying for the cause? Many of the disciples were beheaded, beaten, and even crucified upside down. Would they have done that if they were lying? No. People don't die for a lie. Anyone that has ever accepted Christ and felt His presence knows exactly what I'm talking about when I say that I know for a fact that He's real. I've felt Him, experienced His love and grace and mercy. I don't know how else to say it. If you don't know him, I really encourage you to make that decision today. You don't need pastors or a church to talk to God, He's right there beside you, waiting. You don't need special words, just talk to Him from your heart. He'll listen.

So what do I think about the bumper stickers? I think that only one can be right, and I really believe that it's the one on the right. There is more fact, more evidence, and more truth to back up that cross than any other symbol up there. I'll stand for my Jesus.


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